I made this Instrumental Music Album Specifically for Programmers and Coders

Hello! I’m Roxton Fone.  Before I started making music full time, I worked in tech.  I remember how helpful it was to have a good instrumental playlist (Or a stack of CDs) on hand to listen to while coding or doing work that requires a lot of concentration.  And so I used that experience to make this Science themed music album, I called: “Background Radiation”. Its clearly Electronic music, but NOT dance music.  It’s rooted in Rock, Blues and Progressive-Rock music.



Track list:

0:00 Cosmic Rays

4:21 String Theory

10:15 Red Shift

14:46 Background Radiation

19:50 James Clerk Maxwell

23:51 Sun Spots


You can find it on Spotify too:

What started as a Synth Gear DEMO turned into a wicked track


I don’t like to toot my own horn (usually) but it turns out this video is easily the most popular Youtube video on my channel, so far.  It features the looper made by Roland/Boss (RC 202) and the vastly popular analog synthesizers called “Volca” from Korg.   The loops (1 and 2) were recorded before shooting the video.  Both are riffs produced from the Volca BASS (Bottom right).   The main beat (drum part) is one of the presets included in the RC 202.  Adding a filter to loop 2 (starting at 1:26) and messing around with the repeat effect on the loop station (starting at 2:39) made the whole thing pop!  IMAO

I’m not sure what “style” or “genre” this music is.  It’s instrumental, obviously.  The beat is kinda “hip hop – ish” and the loops are electronic (electronica?) of some kind.  Leave a comment if you think you know the genre.  I’d like to hear from you!

I made this track available for download (for a measly 1$ on Bandcamp or 4.95$ for the whole album on itunes) or streaming (Free on Spotify).  I called it “The Storm”.

If you think this track might be right for your video / movie / short / documentary / commercial or if you have any other other plans, I want to hear from you!  Drop me a line on any of any of my social platforms, I reply to nearly every comment!