Musician dude from Canada.

Self taught.

Started playing guitar and drums at an early age.

As a teenager, I played in a few garage bands, did a few gigs. Nothing too serious.

Now working solo, more serious 🙂

I like to mix and match many styles together. Whether it be Blues, Rock, Electronic, Swing, Electronica, Folk.

I mainly make instrumental music, but I will sing on some of the tracks, when I can.

WARNING: I will do a lot of name dropping now, so hold on to your chairs. But! I would like you to know, I don’t compare myself to the following artists, rather, I am inspired by them.

Influences: It all started with the Beatles. It progressed to The Kinks, The Doors, CCR, Cream, Genesis, Donovan, Led Zepelin, Canned Heat, Santana and the likes.

Then the 90s hit me like a ton of bricks (With good music). Beck, The Beastie Boys, Rage against the machine, Cypress Hill, Radiohead, The Chemical Brothers, Fat Boy Slim..

The current bands I listen to include: Wolfmother, Jagwar Ma, Tame Impala, We Are Wolves, Saint Vincent, Jack White, Dan Mangan and Blacksmith, Angel Olson.

I would love to be featured in your Video / Movie / Short / Documentary as the Soundtrack (Score) but I also think the music I make can be listened to on its own (Even when there is no vocals).  ALL my music can be found here: https://roxtonfone.com/music/