Solo music producer/composer from (French) Canada.

I’m not (formally) musically trained but I did get piano lessons for 2 years when I was 7 or 8 years old. Then at 13 or 14, I discovered guitar and drums almost simultaneously. Drums were my forte. I kept the beat for various garage bands throughout my adolescence and my university studies. We played live shows here and there, never paid gigs though. The audiences were small, the sets were short, but it was just enough to get me hooked.

However, as I got older, it seemed every band mate I ever had quit playing and go on to become engineers (why?) This thing I had, with music, seemed less and less realistic and I eventually did the same as them. I graduated with an electrical engineering degree and worked for a few years in various IT companies. But I wasn’t happy, like not at all.

In 2005 I bought my first piece of digital music hardware. An EDIROL UA-25 USB Audio capture card. That came with a free version of the famed Cakewalk DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) which for the first time in my life, meant that, using only my laptop, I could record and mix multiple tracks together and create songs on my own. No need for band mates (Which were hard to come across around where I’m from). Later, I discovered Youtube, then Bandcamp and more recently, Spotify. I quit my job as an engineer and used cash I had saved up to work on songs and art and Youtube videos.  And here we are!

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P.S. I would love to be featured in your Video / Movie / Short / Documentary as the Soundtrack (Score) but I also think the music I make can be listened to on its own (Even when there is no vocals).  ALL my music can be found here: https://roxtonfone.com/music/